Developing a Corporate Behavior

  • Training Time: 2 Days, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Inclusion: Participants Manual and Certificate of Completion

With this workshop, participants will be able to develop a business environment that reflects a positive set of values and ethics. Aligning these characteristics with the standards of conduct is what makes a business stand out and be a leader in the business world.

Through this Developing Corporate Behavior workshop you should see improved team building, better communication, and trust. By realizing the benefits of corporate behavior and developing a successful plan, participants should see a reduction in incidents that point to non-corporate behaviors and an increase in team work and loyalty.


Learning Points
  • Understand what corporate behavior is
  • Understand the benefits of corporate behavior
  • Know what type of behaviors you want to implement in your company
  • Know how to implement corporate behaviors
  • Know how to maintain corporate behaviors
Course Outline

Developing Corporate Behavior – Module 1
Getting Started

  • Introduction to Corporate Behaviors
  • Workshop Objectives

Developing Corporate Behavior – Module 2
The Science of Behavior

  • What is Behavior?
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Anthropology

Developing Corporate Behavior – Module 3
Benefits of Corporate Behavior

  • Employee Safety
  • Conservation of Materials
  • Engagement
  • Improved Employee Performance

Developing Corporate Behavior – Module 4
Common Categories of Corporate Behavior

  • Managerial Structure
  • Values and Ethics
  • Employee Accountability
  • Workplace Incidents

Developing Corporate Behavior – Module 5
Managerial Structure

  • Clearly Defined Management
  • Qualified Management Team
  • Obvious Advancement Path
  • Apparent Grievance Procedures

Developing Corporate Behavior – Module 6
Company Values and Ethics

  • Environmental
  • Charity and Community Outreach
  • Integrity
  • Diversity

Developing Corporate Behavior – Module 7
Employee Accountability

  • Attitude
  • Attendance
  • Honesty
  • Substance Abuse & Workplace Violence

Developing Corporate Behavior – Module 8
Workplace Incidents

  • Safety
  • Prejudice and Discrimination
  • Vandalism and Theft
  • Harassment or Bullying

Developing Corporate Behavior – Module 9
Designing and Implementing

  • Group Planning
  • Define Preferred Organizational Behaviors
  • Hiring
  • Training Employees

Developing Corporate Behavior – Module 10
Corporate Team Behavior

  • Team Building
  • Better Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Behavior to the Company and the Department

Developing Corporate Behavior – Module 11
Auditing Corporate Behavior

  • Affirm Ethical Behavior
  • Investigate and Review Reported Incidents
  • Determine Progress
  • Get Employee Feedback & Revise

Developing Corporate Behavior – Module 12
Wrapping it up

  • Words from the Wise
  • Lessons Learned
You Can Expect...
  • A training on right behavior which leads to better productivity and reputation
  • A training on corporate behavior that opens doors to creating happy customers
  • A training on corporate behavior that increases your companies customer base
You Need This If...
  • You want to improve your company’s effectiveness
  • You want to strengthen your company’s professional brand
  • You want to increase your customer-base through trust and people efficiency
This Is About...
  • Branding your company as one with exceptional work standards
  • Gaining clients through trust
  • Culture change and the benefits that align with this
In-House Rate

Participants: 20 – 30
Duration: 2 days
Course Fee: P6,550.00 per person
Includes: Manual, Certificate of Completion