Disability Awareness (vs)

  • Training Time: 2 Days,  9:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Inclusion: Participants Manual and Certificate of Completion

People with disabilities represent a significant and largely underutilized resource for businesses. Many disabled persons are underemployed or unemployed. As a result of advocates for diversity, as well as a shrinking labor pool, employers are taking a serious look at hiring and retaining people with disabilities. This two-day workshop will give supervisors, managers, and human resource consultants tools and tips for creating a diverse workplace.

Learning Points
  • Prepare to welcome people with disabilities into your workplace
  • Interact with people with disabilities
  • Identify and overcome barriers in the workplace
  • Use respectful, appropriate, acceptable language in any circumstance
  • Understand what your company can do during hiring and interviewing
  • Understand what job accommodation is and how it applies to your workplace
Course Outline

Disability Awareness – Module 1
Getting Started

  • Introduction to the Workshop
  • Course Overview

Disability Awareness – Module 2
Defining Terms

  • What are Disabilities?
  • Finders
  • Finders Debrief
  • Bout Stereotypes
  • Some Common Phrases and the Stereotypes behind Them

Disability Awareness – Module 3
Misconceptions and Realities

  • Misconceptions and Realities

Disability Awareness – Module 4
A Business Case

  • Getting Into it
  • Summary

Disability Awareness – Module 5
Dissecting Labels

  • Giving Your Words Some Thought
  • Being Practical
  • Mingle with Me

Disability Awareness – Module 6

  • Physical Access
  • Barriers
  • Case Studies

Disability Awareness – Module 7
The Cornerstone of Diversity

  • About the Cornerstones
  • Knowledge
  • Understanding
  • Acceptance
  • Behavior

Disability Awareness – Module 8
Pre-Assignment Review

  • Pre-Assignment Review

Disability Awareness – Module 9
Encouraging Diversity By Hiring

  • What Can We Ask?
  • What can the Candidate Expect?

Disability Awareness – Module 10
Using the STOP Technique

  • The Four Steps
  • Role Play

Disability Awareness – Module 11
Common Essentials for Disability Awareness

  • Ground Rules to Get Started
  • Respecting Confidentiality
  • Preparing Documentation

Disability Awareness – Module 12
Communication Styles

  • Dichotomies in Theory
  • Dichotomies in Action

Disability Awareness – Module 13
Critical Conversations

  • Introductory Elements
  • Getting the Conversation Started
  • Taking It One Step Further

Disability Awareness – Module 14
How Do We Make It Happen?

  • How Far Do You Go In Accommodation?
  • Value of Job Shadows

Disability Awareness – Module 15
Wrapping Up

  • Personal Action Plan
You Can Expect...
  • To learn the misconceptions and realities of people with disabilities
  • To learn communication styles and critical conversations
You Need This If...
This Is About...
In-House Rate

Participants: 10 – 15
Duration: 2 days
Course Fee: P7,550.00 per person
Includes: Manual, Certificate of Completion