Employee Recognition

  • Training Time: 1 Day, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Inclusion: Participants Manual and Certificate of Completion

To a business, an employee recognition program is not a luxury, it is a necessity. With a well-built employee recognition program, companies can improve job retention, employee engagement, team work, reinforcing company values, and more.

Employees are more likely to continue employment with a company if they feel they are appreciated. There are many different types of employee recognition programs, and all are beneficial to your employees.

Learning Points
  • Assess the type of Employee Recognition Program(s) your company needs
  • Train leadership to recognize their employees
  • Know when and where recognition is needed
  • Construct a culture of recognition
  • Maintain an effective Employee Recognition Program
Course Outline

Employee Recognition – Module 1
Getting Started

  • Introduction to the Workshop
  • Workshop Objectives

Employee Recognition – Module 2
The Many Types of Incentives

  • Safety Incentives
  • Years of Service
  • Productivity
  • Attendance & Wellness Incentives

Employee Recognition – Module 3
Designing Employee Recognition Programs

  • Purpose
  • Employee Involvement
  • Budget
  • Keep It Simple

Employee Recognition – Module 4
How to Get the Buzz Out

  • Be Creative with Designs
  • Paper the Walls
  • Use Social Media
  • Go Mobile!

Employee Recognition – Module 5
It Starts From The Top!

  • Identifying Desirable Behaviors
  • Understanding the Goals of the Company
  • Setting Guidelines
  • Providing Recognition Templates

Employee Recognition – Module 6
Creating a Culture of Recognition

  • Keep Your Staff “In the Know”
  • Empower Employees w/ Peer to Peer Recognition
  • Team Building: Encourage Camaraderie
  • Motivate by Promoting Fun

Employee Recognition – Module 7
The Best Things In Life Are Free!

  • Put a Spotlight on Employees in Staff Meetings
  • Write It Down
  • Display Your Appreciation
  • Make Work More Comfortable

Employee Recognition – Module 8
A Small Gesture Goes A Long Way

  • Have a Party!
  • Make a Game of It
  • Reward with Small Gift\Give Them a Break

Employee Recognition – Module 9
Pulling Out The Red Carpets

  • Have an Awards Ceremony
  • Win Large Items
  • Vacation
  • Career Advancement

Employee Recognition – Module 10
The Don’ts of Employee Recognition

  • Don’t Forget About The Art of the High Five!
  • Don’t Let It Become Boring
  • Popularity Contest or Recognition Program?
  • Make Sure the Prize is Motivational

Employee Recognition – Module 11
Maintaining Employee Recognition Programs

  • Change the Membership
  • Include In New Employee Orientation
  • Keep Marketing!
  • Annual Awards Ceremonies

Employee Recognition – Module 12
Wrapping it up

  • Words from the Wise
You Can Expect...
  • To understand the many types of employee recognition programs, and know which is essential to your company’s success
  • To learn ways to keep your employees appreciated, motivated and engaged
  • To learn about incentives and rewards that boost performance and encourage employee retention
You Need This If...
  • You want to prevent the high cost of employee job abandonment
  • You want to keep your prized employees
This Is About...
  • Employee recognition and retention
  • Increasing employee morale and productivity
  • Setting realistic productivity goals, and rewarding good performance
  • Promoting great work values
In-House Rate

Participants: 10 – 30
Duration: 1 day
Course Fee: P3,250.00 per person
Includes: Manual, Certificate of Completion