Selling Smarter (vs)

  • Training Time: 1 Day, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Inclusion: Participants Manual and Certificate of Completion

It’s no secret that the sales industry continues to change and evolve rapidly. This is an exciting and dynamic profession, although it is often underrated and misunderstood. The back-slapping, high pressure, joke-telling sales person has disappeared. In his place is a new generation of sales professionals: highly trained and well groomed, with the characteristics of honesty, trustworthiness, and competence. This one-day workshop will help you learn how to be one of those smart sales professionals!

Learning Points
  • Explain and apply concepts of customer focused selling
  • Use goal-setting techniques as a way to focus on what you want to accomplish and develop strategies for getting there
  • How to apply success techniques to get the most out of your work
  • Understand productivity techniques to maximize their use of time.
  • Identify ways to find new clients and network effectively


Course Outline

Selling Smarter – Module 1
Getting Started

  • Introduction to Selling Smarter
  • Course Overview

Selling Smarter – Module 2
Selling Skills

  • Essential Skills
  • Consultative Selling
  • Customer Focused Selling

Selling Smarter – Module 3
The Sales Cycle

  • The Sales Cycle
  • Initiate
  • Build
  • Manage
  • Optimize

Selling Smarter – Module 4
Framing Success

  • The Power of Your Mind
  • Professionalism

Selling Smarter – Module 5
Setting Goals with SPIRIT!

  • Setting Goals with Spirit

Selling Smarter – Module 6
The Path to Efficiency

  • The Path to Efficiency

Selling Smarter – Module 7
Customer Service

  • Customer Service

Selling Smarter – Module 8
Selling More

  • Enhancing Your Sales
  • Our Values
  • Debrief

Selling Smarter – Module 9
Ten Major Mistakes

  • Ten Major Mistakes

Selling Smarter – Module 10
Finding New Clients

  • Finding New Clients
  • Networking

Selling Smarter – Module 11
Selling Price

  • Selling Price

Selling Smarter – Module 12
Wrapping it up

  • Personal Action Plan
  • Recommended Reading List
You Can Expect...
  • To learn selling skills
  • To learn to avoid ten major mistakes in selling
  • To learn to find new clients
You Need This If...
  • You want to raise customer service performance and sales performance
  • You want to increase customer-base or client-base
This Is About...
  • Increasing sales; selling more.
  • Finding new clients
  • Sales success