The Practical Coach

  • Training Time: 1 day, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Inclusion: Participants Manual and Certificate of Completion

Coaching is all about encouraging, correcting and challenging your team. It’s as simple as noticing how your team is performing and then letting them know you notice. In other words, coaching is the process of letting people know that what they do matters to you.

The Practical Coach Training Workshop is an everyday guide to encouraging good judgment and caring about each member of your team.

Learning Points
  • Letting people know when they are doing great work: When you see it, say it.
  • Letting people know when they are doing poor work: Make it private and positive.
  • Letting people know when they are in a dead-end road: Use the 2 minute challenge.
Course Outline

Course Outline not available. Ultra Tracks use Multi-Media Training and Dynamic Trainer-Guided Discussions to Fast-Track Learning.

You Can Expect...
  • A comedy multi-media production that trains you to: encourage, correct, and challenge your team
  • Team building and performance change from a highly effective coaching-correcting style
  • Realistic role-plays to coach people to turn dead-end performance around.
You Need This If...
  • You want to help team members correct their own poor performance
  • You want to move away from the drama often associated when correcting poor performance
  • You want to keep people focused on the goal and the required actions to get to the goal
This Is About...
  • Coaching to increase employee satisfaction
  • Coaching to improve performance
  • Increasing employee retention through coaching
  • Positively impacting the bottom line
In-House Rate

Participants: 10 – 30
Duration: 1 day
Course Fee: P4,250.00 per person
Includes: Manual, Certificate of Completion