The Unified Team

  • Training Time: 1 day, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Inclusion: Participants Manual and Certificate of Completion
Conflict… while it’s often blamed for the breakdown of a team’s unity, it’s often just a symptom of a larger problem. The Unified Team¬†lays out a practical approach that any team leader can follow to deal with the symptoms, and the cure. In addition to learning how to solve the three most common types of team conflicts; blaming, belittling and feuding, The Unified Team training teaches team leaders how to promote the positive feelings of unity within their team in this popular management and leadership training fast-track-learning-based program
Learning Points
  • Resolve conflict and increase productivity.
  • Lift morale and reduce absenteeism
  • Positively impact the bottom line by increasing morale that increases productivity.
Course Outline
Course Outline not available. Ultra Tracks use Multi-Media Training and Dynamic Trainer-Guided Discussions to Fast-Track Learning.
You Can Expect...
  • A culture where people feel they can deliver their best performance
  • An attitude change where teams and team members feel they can resolve their own conflicts
  • People knowing how help mediate disputes, when so required
You Need This If...
  • You want to address energy and time wastage caused by conflicts
  • You want to promote a culture of respect
  • You want to build strong work teams
This Is About...
  • Putting controls on impulses
  • Branding yourself as someone with professional character
  • Getting team leaders and team members knowing how to positively address conflicts
In-House Rate

Participants: 10 – 30
Duration: 1 day
Course Fee: P4,250.00 per person
Includes: Manual, Certificate of Completion